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What should I look for in a contractor? 
It is advisable that you use an accredited contractor, this means that you can be sure they are not only competent and capable of carrying out the works, are qualified to undertake the required treatments, hold the relevant waste carriers license and certifications and also carry appropriate insurances and can provide any required guarantees and warranties. Accredited contractors are also often well established and have been trading for many years with proven track record, registered business address. 
Do you charge for domestic surveys? 
Yes we do charge a fee to cover the cost of carrying out a survey and producing a report, however this cost is usually deducted from the cost of the treatment plan if we are appointed. 
It seems rather expensive? 
In relation to the cost of purchasing a house, or indeed repairing the damage to a property caused by not having it treated the cost is usually quite small, especially when you consider that most reputable contractors will be providing you with a warranty that covers the property for a longer period than it takes to carry out the treatment, though we would always advise that if you have any doubts, get a second and third opinion. 
What should a contractor be providing me with? 
A contractor should be able to provide you with a clear and concise report indicating where Knotweed has been identified not only within your property but also within the immediate surroundings. The report should detail what works the contractor is going to undertake on your behalf, the timescale of the works and the cost. In addition to the report the contractor should be able to demonstrate that works have been undertaken as per the programme via means of job sheets so that you have a paper trail to provide to any future purchaser of your property. 
Do I have to take out additional insurance? 
Where a property is being bought/ sold and a mortgage company or lender is involved they will dictate if additional insurances are required. 
This will often depend on the location of the Knotweed in relation to the property and whether Knotweed is already being treated under a programme of works. 
I have heard that it is possible to kill Japanese Knotweed within a year 
It is certainly true that it is possible to achieve excellent levels of control of Knotweed within one season but to eradicate it is slightly different. We would advise caution of proceeding treatment works with someone who is claiming that they will eradicate your Knotweed within a year. Knotweed is a persistent plant and will require multiple treatments over several growing seasons to be completely killed off. 
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